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If a trusted friend advised you to check out a website that he feels would interest you, most likely you will take a look at it. Would you have trust in the information? Especially if you knew he wasn’t being paid to recommend the info?

That’s what we do at Rank Excellence, we have trusted advisers that recommend things – again and again….

Who are those trusted advisers?

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Google | Bing | Yahoo, to mention our top 3.

How?  We do one thing and we do it very well: using intelligent SEO and branding techniques, specialized programs and excellence in our systems to implement them, to get you on the first page of the search engines. There are no shortcuts to establishing your brand, but we have developed an approach that can produce results quickly and we apply them “again and again” until we establish your company. Luckily for us branding your company has the side effect of getting your keywords on page one results of those trusted advisers search engines recommending your business services and products. These commitments have made us a go-to source for other ad agencies to help them when this specific expertise is needed.


Google is always changing… but “building your online brand (across multiple channels) is one of the most important”, Matt Cutts – leads the web spam team at Google, and works with the search quality team on search engine optimization issues

Google is 17 times bigger than its nearest competitor Bing, according to Shareaholic. But let’s not abandon the other search engines with our SEO efforts. When looking at user engagement (the time spent on a website after the search is clicked) some of the lesser-used search engines offer the opportunity to get visitors that may stay on your site longer. Perhaps they trust those advisers a bit more overall?

Rank Excellence means that we are dedicated to placing your business as the trusted brand in your market. Our promise to our clients has always been to never have more than one client in a local market, niche or product. How can we build brand loyalty and trust for you if we are not loyal too?

Additionally we must commit thousands of dollars in upfront resources and staff to build brand intelligence for our clients and this effort is a specialized focused on our clients in their market solely. Placing you on page one of the major search engines in the organic section for keywords that can benefit your business image, sales and brand has much more power and trust than paid advertising. Without commitments from us to make sure that you succeed and gain trust in the organic search results, we would never be successful as a SEO, content marketing and digital marketing firm. You cannot buy trust, we believe you have to earn it!


Contact us today to see if your market area or niche is available. We believe in adding value first. Initial consultations are always free, full of valuable information and you don’t have to commit to anything. We’d love to talk…

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To read the entire article from Shareaholic: https://blog.shareaholic.com/search-visit-value-06-2014/